Baraa (2018)

When the long-awaited dream dies, the reality begins to circle around us and encage us in the claustrophobic space of our fears and distorting anxiety.

Official Selections:


Featured on Vimeo Animation Page

Anifilm , Czech Republic 2019

Animex Awards, UK 2019

Animac, Catalunya 2019

BFI Future Film Festival, London 2019

Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2019

29th Istanbul International Short Film Festival 2018

CutOut Fest 2018, Mexico 2018
Locomocion, Mexico 2018

The Animation Showcase - Lift-Off, Pinewood Studios - Winner 2018
Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival 2018
Sunday Shorts, London September 2018
Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Kiev 2018
Palm Springs International Animation Festival, USA 2018 
B-Movie Underground & Trash Film Festival, Netherlands 2018 
Animofest in Bratislava, Slovakia 2018 
Stockholm Independent Film Festival- Best Student Project Nomination, Sweden 2018

Sound & Image International Film Festival, Macau 2018

KIN International Women's Film Festival, Armenia 2018

Nero (2017)

When the Man discovers a chest with exquisite creatures peacefully sleeping inside it, his fascination begins to mix with the eternal desire for power lust and obsessive control.
Official Selections: 
Nominee - Best Animation - Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2017
Nominee (May 2017)- Puerto Madero International Film Festival
Semi-Finalist Les Films de la Toile, Paris 2017
Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2017
ReAnimania International Animation & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan 
 Festival Internacional de Animación Ajayu, Peru 2017
"Vita Tua, Vita Mea" CON-TEMPORARY Exhibition, Venice 2017
136th Annual Exhibition at Royal Ulster Academy of Arts, Belfast 2017

Palm Springs International Animation Festival PSIAF, California, USA 2017

DUM-D Student Animation Festival, USA 2017

Mzanzi's Women Film Festival, Johanessburg 2017

Filmmaker Day, Turin 2017

The Monthly Film Festival, November 2017

Hidden Door, Edinburgh 2018

Florida Animation Festival - Honorable Mention, USA 2018

New Renaissance Film Festival - Best Animation Nomination, London 2018 - Special Mention

Siren Festival, Italy 2018

Original Narrative Student Film Festival, Dubai 2018

Sardinia Film Festival 2018

The Three Tales from Alexandria (2016)

Long time ago the world of nature was perceived as full of magic and mystical creatures. The film tells the old times stories taken from anonymous writer from Alexandria. In time the stories were swollen by developing Christian culture and some of their dark magical aspects got lost. Visually inspired by Grimms' Fairy Tales and the illustration style of children's books. It reminds us about the dangerous and mysterious side of nature.
The Best Animation Winner - Short Movie Club, Minsk, Bielarus 2017
Bronze Medal at 136th Annual Exhibition at Royal Ulster  Academy of Arts, Belfast 2017
Nominee for Signor Rossi Award - 33rd Cartoon Club Rimini 2017
2nd Best Animation of the Month - February - 12 Months Film Festival
Nominee - International Animation Awards
Edinburgh Short Films Festival 2016
 Festival Internacional de Animación Ajayu, Peru 2017

Anima-São - Festival Internacional de Animação 2016

Puerto Madero International Film Festival 2016 August Edition

The Monthly Film Festival (September Edition)

Festival CINE ANIMAL Bogota (Bogota's ANIMAL CINEMA Fest) 2016

Post Mortem Horror and Bizarre Short Film Festival 2016

Animation Marathon 2016

Berlin Student Film Festival 2017

StoneFair International Film Festival 2016 2nd Edition

XII Festimatge Film Festival 2017

ON Original Narrative Student Film Festival 2017

Athens ANIMFEST 2017

Hidden Door 2017 Edinburgh

Art Film Festival, Cannes 2017

KIWEFF 2017, India

Dreamcaught (2015)

It focuses on relations between seemingly accidental images we come across in our dreams or nightmares. The visions we see in our dreams can tell us some stories with sensible plots and characters. We can replay our memories changed in a way according to our emotions or experiences. But what is the most disturbing and therefore fascinating is the chain of surprising, grotesque dark scenes that are stuck in our subconscious. For some reason they are "shown" together as one. 

The film is about those blurred connections between the pictures projected in our sleeping minds. The shots seem to be random, they change rapidly, and the plot is twisted so there is different concept of the meaning for everyone of us. The film is kept in dark surrealistic atmosphere mostly inspired by 20th Century photography such as Andre Kertesz and Henri Cartier-Bresson with an influence of works by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Official Selections:

Special Mention - Festival Internacional Buñuel - Calanda 2016

Nominee for Signor Rossi Award - 33rd Cartoon Club Rimini 2017

Semi-Finalist Les Films de la Toile, Paris 2017

Corto Imola Festival 2015,

Athens Animfest 2016,

Montreal International Animation Film Festival Animaze 2016,

Anima-São - Festival Internacional de Animação 2016,

Animation Marathon 2016

Post Mortem Horror and Bizarre Short Film Festival 2016

Short Movie Club 2017
The Unprecedented Cinema International Festival of Short Film 2017

Shorts on Tap, London 2017

New Renaissance Film Festival, London 2018